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AIX-EN-PROVENCE is situated in a plain about a mile from the right bank of the Arc river. The city slopes gently from north to south and the Montagne Sainte Victoire, made famous by the painter, Cezanne, can easily be seen to the east. It has an average January temperature of 5°C and a July average of 22°C. Whilst it is partially protected from the Mistral, Aix does occasionally suffer the cold gusty conditions that it brings.

Aix-en-Provence, a stopping place on the road from Northen France to Italy, draws its name from its thermal springs. It began as the capital of Provence under the successive rule of the Celts, Romans, a number of counts and monarchs until 1790 when it became merely the chief town of the area. It has kept, however, its Court of Appeal created in 1501, its University established in 1413, and its archbishopric dating from the 14th century. Aix has approximately 150000 inhabitants.

Under the patronage of its former rulers large and magnificent townhouses, mansions and castles were built in Aix which can still be seen today. Its cultural tradition is expressed each year through its International Festival of Lyrical Art and Music.

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Street market in the city centre around the Place St-Honoré  (right)

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Some of the old streets of Aix  (left and below)

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The tower of the Cathedrale St-Saveur from Rue Saporta  (left)

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